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     Barnsley Youth Choir Intermediate Choir
   The Intermediate Choir feels very honoured to be able to open the Christmas Concert, in what will
be such a special event after the past 18 months. Our members (some who have only been in the choir a matter of weeks) have been working incredibly hard to prepare five pieces for you that we hope will be a delight for your ears!
If you have been to a BYC concert before you may not recognise so many of the Intermediate Choir faces. About 20 of our members graduated successfully up to the Senior Choir and we wish them all well as they continue their journey with BYC. Their places have been filled with just as many members moving
up from the Children’s Choirs and also new auditionees. The new members have brought
a lot of positive energy and promising talent to our rehearsals and I am really excited to watch them perform with us in their first full
length concert.
Tonight we are performing some great music for you including ‘Heaven’ and ‘Symphony’ – the two pieces that the Intermediates recorded so brilliantly for BIYCF21 Festival in the summer. I keep returning to watch those videos even now as the choir sang so well, please go and watch them on Youtube! Sam Gilliatt, the brilliant arranger of the piece, will conduct this
for the very first time in front of a live audience at these concerts. We also revisit ‘Carol of the Bells’ - a tough acapella piece that requires focus, timing and bravery.
Many thanks to Sam, Rob, Gorgey and also section leaders Hannah and Charlotte for helping to prepare the Intermediates for tonight’s performance. We hope you enjoy watching our choir sing.
Luke Mather
Musical Director of BYC Intermediate Choir
BYC Intermediate Choir (10-16 yrs)
Thursday 6.15-8.15pm Barnsley Sixth Form College
  Musical Director
Luke Mather
Musical Director Sam Gilliatt
Rob Cooper
Assistant Musical Director Gorgey Bennett
  Christmas Concert 2021

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