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       Barnsley Youth Choir
Senior Choir
I couldn’t be prouder of the Senior Choir during the last 2 years.
They’ve shown real resilience and determination in the face of such challenges. We are thrilled that so many have just moved up from the Intermediate Choir, but recognise that the gulf in standard is perhaps most stark between these two choirs.
It will take them time to settle and develop the confidence and skill needed, but we have been so impressed by the start that they have all made. It truly is a testament to the system that children, some as young as 10 years old, are able to graduate into the Senior Choir and cope with the repertoire.
The Senior Choir has had to prepare for a lot
of live performances quite suddenly, and will have taken part in 7 live performances before Christmas. They have had to learn complex music very quickly, and have had to work hard at learning parts in their own time to make this concert possible. I am particularly proud of the number of boys now involved, and they make a great sound! We have lost some outstanding male singers in the last few years but they have been replaced by young singers with so much potential, and there’s lots of them.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank not only the brilliant Luke and Sam, our fantastic conductors, Gareth and Rob, our superb
accompanists, but also Eleanor, Fiona and Michelle who also attended rehearsals online and supported the Senior Choir in sectional rehearsals. Finally, a special thank you to Tom Masters who has been incredibly supportive with our other choirs in rehearsals, who with Luke has organised access to Zoom for children isolating, and to Hannah Todd, Charlotte Bentley and Gorgey Bennett who have been wonderful leaders and done so much to support
their sections.
It truly is a team effort and everybody plays such an important part in any success the choir has.
Mat Wright Artistic Director
BYC Senior Choir (14-24 yrs)
Thursday 6.45pm – 9.00pm Barnsley Sixth Form College
     Musical Director
Mat Wright
Musical Director Luke Mather
Musical Director Sam Gilliatt
Gareth Taylor
Rob Cooper
  Christmas Concert 2021

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