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It is such a joy to welcome you to
our Christmas Concerts after the struggles of the last 2 years. It feels almost inconceivable that our last performances took place at this time in 2019, and that we have been starved of an opportunity to share in live music together.
I know that it has been such a difficult time for everyone and that we are emerging from the grips of the pandemic tentatively, and bruised by the difficulties that so many have endured. I hope that these concerts provide a welcome tonic and a moment of real happiness as we enter the festive season.
As a choir we have worked extremely hard
to manage and support our young people. We have suffered, structurally and financially but we have not allowed the pandemic to curb our ambition to provide the very best for children in Barnsley. Our lockdown magazine, ‘The Insider’ provides a wonderful archive of the work that has been done and is available on our website.
I would like to pay credit to the outstanding music team who have adapted and provided creative and innovative solutions to the barriers of online learning. They have worked extremely hard to ensure that our young people were supported throughout such
a difficult time. I’d also like to thank the volunteer team who, as always, did everything that they could to facilitate music making. There are so many unsung heroes that it would be wrong to single out any individuals, but I’m sure that young people and their families appreciated the lengths that our team went to.
We are thrilled to welcome over 80 new members to BYC who make their debut this weekend after only a handful of rehearsals. The first concert is when it all makes sense – and where parents of new members recognise that their children have joined a really
special organisation. Over 120 members have graduated up choirs in October, meaning that they too will be making their debut in their new choirs. The challenge is that over 200 young people have had only a few rehearsals to prepare for this concert, but through sheer will and determination they will perform tonight and, I’m sure, you will be so proud of what they have achieved in such a short space of time.
Christmas Concert 2021

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