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     Barnsley Youth Choir
Junior Choir
    The last time I wrote about Junior Choir in a programme, only about two of the current members
were forward two years to 2021 and 25 members simultaneously moved up to the Children’s Choirs!
I must admit to feeling a little bereft at the thought, especially as those members had stuck with the Junior Choir throughout all the online rehearsals and they were a pretty awesome bunch! I remember feeling a little panicky about having no members left! It turned out I didn’t need to worry. New members poured through the doors on the first rehearsal in their droves... and they’ve been coming ever since! The new season has brought about an important change in personnel. Enhancing the already very strong team of Gareth, Hannah and Bronwen is Tom, who was identified as someone who possessed all the skills to be a fine Assistant Musical Director. And we weren’t wrong – he is perfect at the role! It feels very special having three Senior Choir members assisting; not only are they fantastic leaders but they also represent what the future may hold for these children. With some of our original Junior Choir members now in Intermediate Choir we are starting to see our cunning plan unfold...
We have three corkers for you tonight; Life’s
a Happy Song from The Muppets, a special personalised Christmas number, and a beautiful
song called Together we Stand, complete with sign language taught by Ruby, the eldest of the Wright clan. We really hope you enjoy what will be the debut concert for the majority of the choir. I’m absolutely sure you will – these children just exude joy and are an absolute pleasure to work with!
Eleanor Wright
Musical Director of BYC Junior Choir
BYC Junior Choir (4-7 yrs)
Thursday 4.30-5.30pm Barnsley Sixth Form College
Musical Director
Eleanor Wright
Gareth Taylor
Deputy Musical Director
Tom Masters
Musical Assistant
Hannah Todd
Musical Assistant
Bronwen Dooling
      Christmas Concert 2021

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