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     Musical Director
Luke Mather
Deputy Musical Director Accompanist
Tom Masters Helen Madden
BYC Children’s Choir East (7-11 yrs)
Wednesday 5.45pm – 7.30pm The Dearne ALC
Barnsley Youth Choir Children’s Choir East
Our choir has gone on quite the journey this year. From a humble beginning in September to the height of our performances in the last few concerts. There’s now a substantial core group who attend every single week and I love spending time with them in rehearsals. They bring laughs, spirit, friendship and excellent music-making with them every time.
This term the music team have pushed them to develop their choral skills - these last few weeks we have managed a round in 4 parts! We’re trying to give them absolutely everything they need to enjoy what they do and succeed in their singing. Tom and Helen are top quality musicians and they expertly guide our members to be the best musicians they can be.
The team behind BYC East has been solid as a rock. I’d like to say a big thank you to Lee, Jean, Kerry and Donna for making sure that rehearsals run smoothly and our members are always looked after, having everything they need for concerts.
We have 5 of our members going on the Edinburgh Fringe trip with the combined Children’s Choirs - we know that they will do us proud and show off that Beast of the East spirit! It’s also been wonderful to see 5 previous East members flourish in the Intermediate Choir and in a few years time I’m sure we will begin to see an East contingent in the Senior Choir.
Looking to the future, we will keep promoting our choir so we continue to grow in number,
I’ve also got songs planned that I think they will really love. We are hopefully performing at the Dearne Community Arts Festival in September in our first solo gig so watch out for that!
A big well done to every single Beast of the East for your singing this year. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our choir.
Luke Mather
Musical Director of BYC Children’s Choir East

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