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     Musical Director
Luke Mather
Deputy Musical Director Accompanist Assistant Musical Director
Sam Gilliatt Rob Cooper Gorgey Bennett
BYC Intermediate Choir (10-16 yrs)
Thursday 6.15-8.15pm Barnsley Sixth Form College
Barnsley Youth Choir Intermediate Choir
What a year it has been for our choir! With many members graduating to Senior Choir at the start of the year, we had to essentially rebuild and mould a new Intermediate Choir this year.
Our rehearsal space on Thursday nights is now too small so we have had to move downstairs into the theatre to fit all 70 of us in!
We’ve seen and experienced most emotions across the year. There have been nerves, elation, tears of sadness and frustration and at least three occasions when the entire choir got the giggles! These singers wear their heart on their sleeve and the choir feels so alive. Members have bonded strongly as a group and it’s meant they’ve gained the bravery to sing out and taken big risks to express themselves entirely through music. It’s all paid off and it’s
heart warming to see the beginning of life-long friendships across the whole group.
Rehearsals are really focussed, with every member keen to push on and improve every song we sing.
I truly believe the choir is now surpassing the standards that were set by previous generations of Intermediates before the pandemic. This is because
of the quality of singers that are coming through the ranks and it’s also due to the fantastic work Sam, Rob and Gorgey have done with the choir.
The 3 of them have developed considerably as leaders this year and it’s great to have such a strong music team that’s always improving.
We are taking a smaller section of the choir to Edinburgh. They’ve worked hard to perfect all 14 songs that they will perform in the festival and
will of course represent our choir brilliantly. We have a few new pieces that we will perform in Scotland including ‘Someone You Loved’ which we are performing today. It’s is quickly becoming an Intermediate favourite and we hope you enjoy our singing in these concerts.
Thank you to the volunteers who support us in rehearsals and a big well done to all Intermediate Choir members this year for some high
quality singing, great memories and fabulous performances!
Luke Mather
Musical Director of BYC Intermediate Choir

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