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Welcome to this special series of concerts that feature our special guests from the University of Pretoria, TUKS Camerata, their brilliant conductor, Dr. Michael Barrett and our guest conductor and composer, the Grammy nominated Jake
Runestad from the USA.
We are honoured to
welcome Michael Barrett’s
multi award-winning choir
after a number of postponed
trips due to the pandemic.
We are so pleased that this
is finally happening, and
that people in Barnsley will
have the opportunity to
listen to the sublime sound
of this extraordinary choir.
Tuks Camerata and BYC have a very close relationship that was forged in the 2017 European Choir Games in Latvia when they worked together and performed
in a friendship concert. Following this Michael visited Barnsley to work with BYC and Mat has visited Pretoria to work with TUKS Camerata, cementing this partnership further. In 2019 BYC toured South Africa for a spectacular tour and had the opportunity to work in Pretoria with Michael and the choir once more in rehearsals and concerts, and
they did so much to support
the organisation of the
whole tour. The two choirs
even created a virtual choir
video together during the
pandemic, overcoming so
many barriers to continue to
work with one another.
These concerts mark the end of the 2021-22 season, although we also have
2 Edinburgh Experience
Concerts on 6 th August and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Tour from 8
th – 16 th August. It’s been such a positive year for the choir and we have so much to be grateful for. We have had to adjust, show patience and flexibility and allow young people and the wider adult team involved the time to reconnect with the organisation and live singing again. After such a difficult 2 years we, like many other organisations, have suffered and have had to focus on rebuilding. We’ve
recruited some outstanding new volunteers who now number over 60 in total, and have restructured the teams to ensure that they are able fully support our expanding membership which is now numbers around 500 young people. Registrars are
now playing a much more important role and will form part of our Steering Group, providing a vital input into
decision making for their choirs.
We have had very positive recruitment in all sections of the choir, and have
also welcomed our 7th ‘choir’ to the organisation. BYC Little Singers has expanded to deliver Kodaly sessions to 6 separate groups of 0-4 years old pre- school children, and 15 of these children will graduate into our Junior Choir (4-7
 We also welcome the outstanding Grammy Award nominated composer, Jake Runestad from the USA. Jake is one of the finest composers in the world, and it is a huge honour to welcome him to our town. He has been commissioned by both choirs to write a special piece for this weekend and celebrating this partnership, and Tuks and BYC Senior Choir will sing the world
premiere of ‘I Was Love’ in the evening concerts. Jake has a busy calendar working throughout the world, and we are so grateful that he has made time to fly over to England and attend
these concerts.
We are indebted to Michael
and his brilliant young
singers for making this
commitment at a difficult time. There are still logistical challenges and risks, and it is a huge financial commitment made
at a time when money is tight for the
choir. When we also consider that TUKS Camerata is in huge demand throughout the world and only tours once every 3 years, it makes this visit all the more special.

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