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       It has been an exciting term and a half, running Little Singers as a part of BYC -
the main excitement being the new t shirts which feature sparkly silver lettering.
I must admit, seeing all the children (and
even the babies) wearing them is truly heart- warming; they are all already a part of the team!
Thursday afternoons are building up nicely and numbers for both days in total are at around
50. We are still not quite at full capacity though, and will happily welcome new members. Weekly classes have been utterly joyous, from sitting in the cosy baby room introducing them to the characters and the instruments (we had our youngest ever claves player last week, at 5 weeks old!) to the older, independent class, who are already singing beautifully and are ready for the transition up to Junior Choir.
This year we have a record-number moving up, and it is wonderful to see that the long-term investment BYC has made is starting to bear fruit. In fact, 16 children will be moving up which is just brilliant.
BYC Little Singers (0-4 yrs)
We are very excited to welcome Tuks Camarata to a special Little Singers session that will take place after the end of term. As they will be rehearsing in the building anyway, they are going to come downstairs to sing to the Little Singers. I cannot wait – it promises to
be magical!
We have now broken up for the summer but will return in September for more singing-based fun. Do get in touch via the BYC website if you would like your child/grandchild to be involved.
Eleanor Wright Musical Director
Barnsley Youth Choir Little Singers
  Thursday 12.30pm – 2.30pm and Friday 9.30am – 11.30am Emmanuel Church, Barnsley

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