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    APRIL 28TH – MAY 1ST 2023
 We are thrilled to be taking part in the first ever Interkultur event to be held in Great Britain.
Interkultur is the organising body of the World Choir Games and European Choir Games
and is seen as a gold standard in organising international events throughout the world. It’s wonderful that they have decided to come to Great Britain and to the North of England to host a special event.
BYC Artistic Director, Mat Wright, is taking a leading role in the event as co-Artistic Director, working alongside Interkultur Senior Artistic Director, Johan Rooze from South Korea.
The competition has already attracted a lot of interest from choirs from across the world,
and choirs from Croatia, Finland, Greece, Turkey, Lithuania, South Africa, Sweden and, of course, Great Britain have already registered to take part.
It wouldn’t be fair to anyone if BYC competed in this competition, given Mat’s role as an Artistic Director. Instead, the BYC Senior Choir will perform in a special Gala Concert on Saturday 29th April at 7.30pm at Hull Town Hall alongside 3 other outstanding choirs, and then both the BYC Intermediate and Senior Choirs will lead a workshop on Sunday 30th April with all other
choirs involved in the competition, where all choirs will sing 3 pieces together in the closing ceremony later that evening that starting at
at 7.30pm.
We are truly honoured to be taking part in this exciting new event, and we know that our young people will gain so much from singing alongside some outstanding international choirs.

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