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      Junior Choir West started with a bang, with
46 at the first rehearsal! And it’s stayed at a similar level so we must be doing something right! Just like with Little Singers West, we have secured the excellent rehearsal space of St John’s Community Centre, right in the heart of Penistone.
During the term before and the beginning of this term, Tom and I visited schools in and around Penistone to deliver free workshops for their Foundation Stage and KS1 children.
These really paid off and a large number of children joined as a result of them. Our very first one, at Springvale Primary, reaped the biggest rewards and we have 8 children from that particular school who regularly attend.
We are very proud of the sound the choir is already making and are very excited to showcase this at their debut concert. Members have had a busy time of it so far; 9 members came at 7.15am last Saturday to round off the Singathon.
We were so proud that so many made the effort to come at such an ungodly hour!
We have been fortunate to have two fantastic mentors helping us to mould the children into the fine musicians they are; Darcy Preston and Georgia Law. They are absolutely wonderful with the children and the perfect role models for them. Gareth and Tom are also fully involved, which means the children get the exact same experience at both of the Junior Choirs. So now I have two utterly joyous days in my week!
How lucky am I?
Eleanor Wright Musical Director
Barnsley Youth Choir
Junior Choir West
 Musical Director
Eleanor Wright
Deputy Musical Director Accompanist
Tom Masters Gareth Taylor
BYC Junior Choir West (4-7 yrs)
Catherine Wroe
 Penistone St Johns Community Centre
Wednesday 4.30-5.30pm Penistone St Johns Community Centre

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