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       The Intermediate Choir has had a full calendar of events since the Spring Concerts. I am very proud of what our members have achieved in a short space of time.
It was amazing for them to meet and sing with the world-famous Tygerberg Children’s Choir, with many of the South Africans being of a similar age to our members. Tygerberg provided excellent role models for our choir members, and they have given all of
us something to aspire to. The Hull International Choir Competition came soon after and was a huge occasion for the Intermediates. It is the first time that our choir has performed on an international stage and they gave everything in what was a
wonderful experience.
We’ve been busy developing the structure of the choir and now have 4 Section Leaders in Betsy, Isabel, Rosa and Oliver and 4 Deputy Section Leaders in Maja, Charlotte, Maya and Alfie. It is such an exciting moment and it gives focus and drive to our music making. It is also important socially as they will provide a focal point for our members and be a friendly face for new singers.
A lot of Intermediate Choir experienced the madness of the Singathon for the first time a few weeks
ago and now they will experience the spectacular
quality of the Aurin Choir in not just one but two performances together! A big thank you must go
to the large team of MDs (Sam, Gorgey and Rob) and the great Volunteer team that make this work possible. Thanks must also go to our Alex-Terry Hoult from the Senior Choir who is supporting our Cambiata boys group so well. Our choir has never been in a better position and I’m so excited for what the future holds for us.
Musical Director
Luke Mather
Deputy Musical Director Assistant Musical Director
Sam Gilliatt Gorgey Bennett
BYC Intermediate Choir (10-18 yrs)
Rob Cooper
Susan Dixon-Melling
Elizabeth Barnes
Barnsley Youth Choir Intermediate Choir
Luke Mather Musical Director
Thursday 6.15-8.15pm Barnsley Sixth Form College

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