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    BYC has been invited to represent Great Britain
in the 2024 World Choir Games, taking place in Auckland, New Zealand next summer. This is the most important and prestigious competition in the world, and is seen as the equivalent of the Olympics. Taking part would be a huge honour for BYC, having competed in the World Choir Games back in 2014 in Riga, Latvia.
Interkultur, the organising body, think that this may be the biggest World Choir Games in history, eclipsing the World Choir Games in Graz (Aut) Shaoxing (Chi) and Riga (Lat) that featured over 450 choirs, and over 30000 singers in each. During the games, BYC would take part in rehearsals, opening and closing ceremonies, parades, workshops, evaluation performances in front of adjudicators, coaching with international experts and, crucially 2 competition categories against the finest choirs from across the world. It’s a life-changing opportunity and will have a massive impact on not only individuals but the choir as a whole, and on Barnsley’s international reputation.
Clearly the challenge will be raising the necessary finance to make this trip viable. It’s a herculean challenge, bigger than any fundraising challenge we’ve ever had before, and will really test our resources against the backdrop of the cost-
of-living crisis. We will work incredibly hard to make this possible for our young people. They deserve this opportunity to represent GB on the world’s biggest stage, but they will need help and support. We’ve already drawn up a fundraising strategy, and young people are working incredibly hard to make this possible. I hope that you may be in a position to sponsor a child to take part or offer support for any of our fundraising schemes. Sponsorship for the full trip is available too.
If we want the best for our young people, we have to provide them with the best opportunities to learn and grow through providing extraordinary experiences.
We dearly hope to make this possible for them. If you are in a position to support, please contact Karen Davis on

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